Albert Zaragoza Gas

Lenticular Clouds

2012 Universal Geometry EP (AMDISCS)
2012 Joy Of Humans (Egyptian Maraccas)
2015 Health Gods (Post-Religion)
2019 Efedra i Baladre (Crystal Mine)
2020 Exoplanets (Xenonyms)
2022 Cheap IDM (NFT Collection)

2012 Concepto Radio Mixtape
2012 Dawn 2012  Playground Magazine Mixtape
2012 ‘Fractal Time’ with Alan Schaffer and Kyunghee Jwa
2012 on-line visual collaboration
2012 Clubbing Spain Mixtape
2012 A’M’ 2012 Compilation (AMDISCS)
2012 ‘Burbuja’ short movie for theWrong Biennale
2012 About Art & Conscience Lecture Instituto Cervantes Rio de Janeiro
2013 Count Backwards Blog Compilation
2013 Roberto Piqueras 2013 Collection Mixtape
2013 ICE Punk vol3. (Post-Religion)
2014 Hi-Hi Whoopee Various Artists Compilation
2014 THIS IS SO RANDOM Compilation (Egyptian Maraccas)
2014 ‘Ritual’ for blog Merida Mexico
2014 ‘Esplai’ collaboration with Roberto Piqueras
2014 ‘Nemeton’ for Red Bull Music Academy
2014 Participation as alumni Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Spain
2014 ‘Pure Pure feat Jennifer Medina’ Kim Laughton artwork
2020 Serotonin – VA (EDITED ARTS) Compilation
2020 XENO II – VA (Xenonyms) Compilation

2011 Apolo [2] (Barcelona)
2012 Impaktes Visuals (Sabadell)
2012 NASTI Club (Madrid)
2012 Teatro Lara (Madrid)
2012 ARTeNOU (Sant Boi de Llobregat)
2012 SONAR (Barcelona)
2013 Novas Frequencias (Rio de Janeiro)
2013 Voodoohop na Cachôeira (Heliodora)
2013 OREKA (San Sebastián)
2014 Sacred Machine theWrong(Barcelona)
2014 Parking Gallery (Alicante)
2015 MIRA (Barcelona)
2019 Dual Club (Burgos)


2013 RIA EKIN (Interscape)
2016 Nuevas Bulerías (Iberian Juke)
2016 La Pasión (self-released)
2019 Quicksilver (PEDICURE RECORDS)
2020 Alergia (Prinzedom Records)

2019 Festival Seco Barcelona

2013 DIS Magazine Collaboration
2015 Iberian Juke vol.1 Compilation
2015 Demmy Sober Collaboration
2016 Iberian Juke & Friends Compilation
2016 Spring über Alles Compilation (Neonized)
2018 Street Banger Factory Compilation (Moveltraxx)
2020 EAPosting 4 Compilation (Soulfeeder)
2020 NOP International Underground (Pedicure Records)
2022 «Cieguita» Dalila Remix


2021 Hidden in Plain Sight (Interscape


2012 Original OST Bubi Canal videoart
2015 Hypnose Audiovisuel with Michael Systaime
2017 ‘Oasis of the Sea’ Antonio Montesinos
2018 Plastic Works (self-released works from 2008)
2006 – 2012 ‘Rayuela Capítulo 7’ linguistic-chromatic experiment using Fotolog(on-line)
2014 VOIDS curated by Andreu Serra (on-line)
2014 Meta Mirrors (on-line)
2016 Meta Guardamar curated by Marylene Albentosa, Casa de Cultura (Guardamar)
2016 DadaClub curated by Fabio Paris, Link Art Center (Zürich)
2017 Visuals for NOIA (Barcelona)
2017 ‘Tree of Knowledge’ curated by Enrique Salmoraghi, ICONIC (on-line)

Lenticular Clouds – Biography

Lenticular Clouds, also known as Albert Zaragoza Gas, is a multi-talented artist known for his contributions to the realms of music and visual arts. Born with a passion for creativity, Lenticular Clouds has left an indelible mark on the industry with his innovative approach and distinctive style.

With a diverse discography spanning several albums, Lenticular Clouds has continually pushed boundaries and explored various genres. His musical journey began in 2011 with the release of «CIENCIA/CONCIENCIA» under the Neonized label, followed by the mesmerizing «Universal Geometry EP» on AMDISCS in 2012. The enchanting «Joy Of Humans» on Egyptian Maraccas, the introspective «Health Gods» on Post-Religion, and the mesmerizing «Efedra i Baladre» on Crystal Mine further solidified his reputation as a visionary in the music industry. In 2020, Lenticular Clouds released the groundbreaking «Exoplanets» album on Xenonyms, captivating audiences with its otherworldly soundscapes. In 2022, he explored the realm of NFTs with his «Cheap IDM» collection, further expanding his creative horizons.

Lenticular Clouds’ artistic journey extends beyond music, as he has collaborated with various artists and organizations, showcasing his versatile skills and unique perspective. Notable collaborations include participation in theRed Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Spain, and the creation of the ‘Burbuja’ short movie for theWrong Biennale. His collaborations have showcased his ability to merge different art forms and experiment with diverse creative expressions.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Lenticular Clouds has mesmerized audiences with his live performances. From iconic venues such as Apolo and SONAR in Barcelona to international stages like Novas Frequencias in Rio de Janeiro, his captivating presence and immersive visuals have enchanted crowds worldwide. His performances at renowned festivals such as MIRA have further solidified his status as an exceptional live artist.

With a relentless drive for innovation, Lenticular Clouds continues to evolve and push the boundaries of his artistry. His ability to seamlessly blend music, visuals, and technology has captivated audiences and cemented his place as a trailblazer in the artistic landscape.

Through his artistic endeavors, Lenticular Clouds has left an indelible mark on the music and visual arts scenes, with his unique style and unwavering dedication to creativity. His contributions have inspired and influenced countless artists, making him a true pioneer in the industry. As he continues to explore new frontiers, audiences eagerly await the next chapter in the captivating journey of Lenticular Clouds.

  • Lenticular Clouds | MIRA 2015