Art Lenticular Clouds NFT

Meta Mirror

2014 Meta Mirrors (on-line) Blender Render ZBrush

  • Meta Mirror Jungle
  • Meta Mirror Sky
  • Meta Mirror LSD
  • Meta Mirror Portal
  • Meta Mirror Desert
  • Meta Mirror Camouflage

Health Gods

2015 Health Gods (Post-Religion) Blender Render

  • Hygeia | Lenticular Clouds NFT tezos
  • Dian Cecht
  • Lenticular Clouds | Imhotep NFT
  • Osiris
  • Kukulkan
  • Tartessos


2018 – 2022 (on-line) ZBrush image texture work

  • Intelligence
  • Trump
  • Graphene Layers
  • Cocodrile Flamingo
  • Cocodrile Mineral
  • First
  • Textura Caballo
  • Europe
  • Ganges
  • Human Chains
  • Yamuna
  • Purpure
  • Palace
  • Kireev
  • Please
  • Blue Chakra

Joy of Humans

2012 Joy Of Humans (Egyptian Maraccas) GIFs created for a website for the album release.

  • Woods
  • Seeds
  • Invisible Ink
  • Harvest Dance
  • Apache Sunrise
  • Eye of Horus
  • Frequency

Crazy Fruits

2018- 2023 (on-line) QuartzComposer and VUO

  • Crazy Strawberry NFT | Albert Zaragoza Gas
  • Orange
  • Grapes

Personal Blury Images

2022 (on-line) Gimp-2.10

  • Covetes del Moro
  • The Pond
  • Guardamar Beach
  • Cerdanya Sunset
  • China Metro Token
  • Barça Match
  • Tio Cento’s House
  • Taking a nap
  • Shenzhen Construction
  • Gines House
  • Bonfire Walnut Tree
  • Arriving to Tabarca
  • Barcelona Live
  • Reflection Selfie
  • Benidorm Beach
  • Sunset Terrace
  • Beans Seedling
  • Oleander
  • Bag with Fruits
  • Tabarca’s Red Full Moon
  • Reina Sofia
  • Cat Moment
  • Ipanema Beach
  • Vinalopo Spring
  • Fea Performance


2014 VOIDS curated by Andreu Serra (on-line)

  • Voids Gif
  • Voids Noise
  • Voids Stripes
  • VOIDS 2
  • VOIDS png | Lenticular Clouds NFT
    Voids Plain
  • Voids Voronov

Art Lenticular Clouds NFT | Albert Zaragoza Gas, also known as Lenticular Clouds, is a prominent artist in the realm of digital art and NFTs. His work seamlessly blends elements of 3D design with captivating visual narratives, captivating audiences around the world.

Lenticular Clouds leverages advanced digital techniques to create stunning artworks that push the boundaries of traditional art forms. By harnessing the power of 3D modeling and rendering, he crafts intricate and immersive compositions that transport viewers into alternate realms.

One notable aspect of Lenticular Clouds’ art is his exploration of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain, providing proof of ownership and authenticity. Lenticular Clouds embraces this technology, allowing collectors to acquire and own exclusive digital editions of his artworks. This innovative approach opens up new possibilities for artists to connect directly with their audience and establish a sustainable marketplace for digital art.

Tezos, a blockchain platform, plays a significant role in Lenticular Clouds’ art. Tezos provides a secure and decentralized infrastructure for the creation and trading of NFTs, ensuring transparency and integrity throughout the process. By utilizing Tezos, Lenticular Clouds contributes to the growing ecosystem of digital art powered by blockchain technology.

In summary, Albert Zaragoza Gas, or Lenticular Clouds, is an influential artist known for his captivating digital artworks. Through his masterful blend of 3D design, storytelling, and exploration of NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, he pushes the boundaries of artistic expression in the digital realm.

Vinilo LENTICULAR CLOUDS | Vinilo Ciencia/Conciencia Art Lenticular Clouds NFT

Art Lenticular Clouds NFT